Boniferro Expresses Disappointment at Government Appeal (February 20, 2008)
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Challenges Judge Tranmer’s Decision

The Ministry of the Attorney General served a Notice of Appeal on Boniferro Mill Works today that they will be filing with the Court of Appeal For Ontario tomorrow. The appeal challenges the order of Judge Tranmer last month regarding the illegal collection of Residual Value Charges on Crown timber. In their Notice of Appeal, the Government claims that Judge Tranmer erred in his order that the Residual Value Charge collected from Boniferro Mill Works since 2003 was and is a tax for which there is no lawful authority. Justice Tranmer ordered the Ministry to complete a full accounting of the RV charges back to 2003 and to pay back those charges with interest and costs. The decision to appeal is another blow to a forest industry plagued with financial challenges across the province. Jim Boniferro, President and CEO of Boniferro Mill Works expressed his disappointment with the Ministry’s choice of action. “We have been constantly working hard to meet the difficult challenges present in today’s market place. Our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders have been extremely supportive and recognize the severe financial climate we are currently in.” “We have continually worked with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to find solutions over the last four years. Since the decision, we have kept that spirit of co operation, and tried to move forward without any further legal expense, with the Attorney General’s Office as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Premier’s Office.“ The notice today indicates that those initiatives have been ignored. This decision comes at a time when sawmills continue to shutdown operations in Ontario.