EPOH,Pictographics, Conestoga Rovers, Tremblay Photography, The Station Mall, Avery Construction, Holiday Inn and of Course us here at the mill are pleased to announce and present a very unique FOOD DRIVE to benefit our soup kitchens and food banks.
We are in the planning stages so you and your company, school and organization may join in the fun.We are holding the First Annual SOO-Can Construction Fun 'Raiser on March 23-24th at the Station Mall. U-Can make a difference here in the Soo.
We are envisioning the project to look like this:
We want to gather as many people and groups to build structures made of non-perishable food stuffs. We want to have the groups build the structures and display them at the Station Mall. There will be prizes. At the conclusion of the event we will then donate all the food stuffs to the local soup kitchens and food banks. Call to get more information. 942-4269 ext 232.
Hunger has a cure. You can be a part of the solution to hunger. We here at the mill are especially keen to supply food for children. Children are our future. If these children do not have sufficient food they will be a part of the ever growing link in poverty chain.
If a child goes to school hungry the child may not learn as well as the children that have the benefit of a secure food supply.

Children that do not have enough to eat lack the energy stores to engage in extra -curricular activities and as such they lose out on the other valuable lessons are learned outside the classroom. There have been numerous studies that children that are malnourished suffer from behaviour difficulties that interfere with their own success in the class room. Children that miss out on good food do have a harder time staying focused on their studies and then become at risk for being an early school drop-out statistic.
October 16th was world food day this is celebrated at the United Nations each year on this date. The United Nations state: "Poverty and Hunger are strongly linked and work to gether to create a vicious circle of decline. Hunger and Poverty have a two-way relationship. One can lead to the other." Help us be a part of the solution. Build a structure at the mall and donate the food to our soup kitchens and food banks.

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